Peace and Security

The FES supports the democratization and the political development process of the Yemeni society with the aim to keep the character and the identity of the country alive.

The FES supports civil society organizations and especially grassroots organizations by making resources on conflict management accessible nationwide. Yemeni traditions of mediation are fostered and combined with methods of non-violent conflict management by means of capacity building and awareness programs and the publication and provision of training material and resources. By meeting this strong demand of Yemeni initiatives and organizations for material, training and knowledge, FES makes an important contribution to dialogue within Yemeni society.

By distributing studies and analyses as well as through facilitating the participation of Yemeni academics and analysts in regional forums, FES seeks to create more attention towards Yemen-related topics. Furthermore, the FES aims to foster the integration of Yemen on a regional scale to reach a more differentiated debate on Yemen and thus contribute to constructive approaches to regional peace and security issues.

Yemen Office

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