لو أردنا 2 - law 2

Despite suffering from a marginalized role in politics, Yemeni women were able to carve out a more active role in peace building efforts on the ground in the wake of the ongoing war. Given these active and effective roles women often assume on a local level, it is of vital importance to encourage a greater participation of women in all levels of peace building.


كليب أرض سام - Sam Land

The war in Yemen is putting the future of Yemen’s next generation at risk. Young people are struggling to deliver messages of peace crossing social and political boundaries.


لو.. أردنا - If.. We Want

As a result of the ongoing war in Yemen, society suffers from increasing degrees of polarization which is fuelled by hate speech on social media sites. The growing polarization has a particular devastating effect on Yemen’s next generation.


وطن محطم - A Broken Home

Six months of an ongoing war have left the people of Yemen with a loss that is more difficult to recover than the destroyed property and infrastructure. With each extra day of war, the cracks in the Yemeni social fabric expand in a way that lessens Yemenis’ chances for peace and makes their Yemen a broken home.


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